Scottish Archaeology Month

Vikings for SAM © Regia Anglorum.JPG 

SAM is one of Archaeology Scotland’s best loved initiatives. Through SAM, we aim to make the archaeology of Scotland as accessible as possible to the public through a programme of events every September that celebrate Scotland’s archaeological heritage. There are events for all ages and abilities.

Put on an event. You don’t have to be an archaeologist to organise an event for Scottish Archaeology Month – Past events have included art exhibitions and storytelling on the theme of local heritage, historical reconstructions, talks and slideshows, tours of local sites, churchyards and historic buildings and opportunities to get close to museum collections.

As long as your events are related to Scottish heritage and take place between mid-August and mid-October, you can register an event as part of Scottish Archaeology Month.

For more information, ideas and resources go to our event organisers page or call 0845 872 3333 or email Archaeology Scotland for advice on how you can get involved in SAM!

Scottish Archaeology Month is the sister event of Doors Open Days (DOD), which gives you free access to hundreds of fascinating buildings across Scotland each September. Together, SAM and DOD are Scotland’s contribution to European Heritage Days, which take place throughout Europe each September. SAM and DOD are supported by Historic Scotland.