Cross compliance

Clachtoll Broch Adopt-a-Monument ©Helen Bradley
Cross compliance for archaeology & the historic environment
All land-based financial support in Scotland is conditional on land managers and other recipients following agreed environmental protection and best practice. This includes actions to protect the historic environment, as it is a key aspect of the Scottish Government's historic environment policy SHEP that ‘the historic environment is cared for, protected and enhanced for the benefit of our own and future generations’.
Archaeology Scotland has produced a series of Advice Notes to inform land managers and others on these issues.
Farming Cross compliance
As part of the grant conditions for the Single Farm Payment land managers must agree to follow Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions - GAEC.  These include the protection of nationally important sites.
In addition land mangers who adopt agri-environment Land Management Options - LMOs - and/or Rural Priorities options must also follow additional Minimum Requirements (see LMO Guidance, LMO Updates RP Scheme Rules & Inspections that cover protection to all  archaeological and historic sites.) It is important that land managers observe these conditions.
Forestry Cross compliance
Forestry has more robust standards known as the UK Forestry Standard and is also encouraging woodland owners to sign up to the UKWAS (UK Woodland Assurance Scheme). See AS Forestry for further info.
Community Cross compliance
Under the SRDP 2007-2013 there are new options for communities to access funding to protect and enhance various rural assets, including rural heritage.  There are similar conditions to be followed that should lead to the protection of archaeological sites in carrying out such work
See AS Community Groups & Land Management for further info