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Learning forms an integral part of Archaeology Scotland's activities. Our aim is to encourage understanding of and promote involvement in Scotland's archaeological heritage for all ages and levels of interest for formal and informal learners.We do this through offering resources for learner groups and providing signposting to other resources.
You can follow the links on the left hand side to find these resources on our website:
Online resources and activities - our online resources are designed to help educators use archaeology with their learning groups. They cover different aspects of archaeology, such as surveying and interpreting evidence. In addition, there are short hands-on activity ideas which can be used to introduce learners to the principles of archaeology
Hands-on loans - we have developed a range of hands-on artefact investigation kits which contain real and replica artefacts and help bring the past closer. Each kit comes with activity ideas and information packs
Equipment loans - subject to availability, we also have some equipment which can be loaned out to help with archaeological activities. Please contact us for further information using the contact details below
Teacher Information base - This is where we have information about what archaeology is and how it links into the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as how it can be used to deliver specific areas of the curriculum. There are also links to other websites which you may find useful.
Youth Engagement Information base - This page is for youth workers, illustrating how they can use archaeology to deliver informal education activities as part of any youth programme.  The page provides supoprt and a forum with activity ideas for youth groups and news; it is a place where youth workers can engage with and learn from Archaeology Scotland and each other.
Advice and Support - the team at Archaeology Scotland are always here to help with advice and support for any projects which you may be undertaking, whether it be a class project or units of work, developing archaeology learning activities for your group or looking for ideas for a youth group session. 
Continuing Education Research: Click here for Archaeology Scotland's Continuing Education Research Project- Final Report.  This research project examined the provision and availability of archaeology as a subject for study in adult education in Scotland over the 2010-11 academic year.
Click on the links below to discover more about Learning at Archaeology Scotland or you can either contact us by calling 0845 872 3333 or email the Learning team.
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