Overseas Membership

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As an overseas member of Archaeology Scotland, we don't want you to miss out on anything, so you will still get our magazine Archaeology Scotland which brings you current stories and issues in Scottish archaeology; and our annual journal, Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, which chronicles all the year’s archaeological excavations, geo-physical surveys, Treasure Trove finds and more.

To cover post and packing, non-UK memberships are a little more expensive but you can still access the same benefits, such as members' rates for conferences and the Summer School. Why not plan a trip to Scotland to co-incide with our Summer School in May or Scottish Archaeology Month each September/October?

You can join Archaeology Scotland for as little as £2.66 per month. 


Overseas Memberships - PayPal
If youwould rather pay annually using your debit or credit card - please CLICK HERE to pay via WORK WITH US

SAVE £££'s ON MEMBERSHIP FEES with the option to pay monthly by Direct Debit at the rates below

 MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES  Annual Direct Debit    Monthly Direct Debit 

 Student/Senior/Unwaged/Young Scot Card Holder without Journal  

 Student/Senior/Unwaged/Young Scot Card Holder with Journal

 Individual - Standard without Journal

 Individual - Standard with Journal 

 Family without Journal

 Family with Journal














Please note: the price difference for overseas members represents the additional £14 postage fee incurred.