Supporting Communities

Wyre, Orkney

Archaeology Scotland co-ordinates a number of initiatives as part of our work to enable the public to become actively involved in the promotion, conservation, management, understanding and enjoyment of Scotland's heritage. These initiatives range from guidance on European policy for the protection of archaeological sites and landscapes, to supporting fun activities for children who want to get involved with their local archaeology.

The Adopt-a-Monument project provides volunteer groups with all the practical advice and training they need to play a leading role in caring for their local archaeology. The scheme encourages groups to get involved in hands-on activities to improve the condition and accessibility, and even interpretation of their chosen site.

There are over 100,000 archaeological sites in Scotland, most of which are in rural areas. Only a fraction of these have protection as Scheduled Ancient Monuments. Archaeology Scotland has a dedicated Rural Landuse Adviser working to support the proper conservation and management of rural archaeological sites.

Through the Young Archaeologists' Club Scottish Network (YAC) we support YAC branches in Scotland, where children between 8 and 16 can learn about and get involved in their local archaeology.

The Carved Stones Adviser Project was a five-year project which brought together information and advice to support the conservation and recording of Scotland's historic graveyards.